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eugene-oregon-attorneys-law-firm-practice-area-intellectual-prop.jpgIntellectual Property

Intellectual property is often a client’s most valuable asset. Our experienced attorneys help clients register, license, transfer and protect their interests in the areas of copyright and trademark on both federal and state levels.

Avoiding liability for copyright and trademark infringement, as well as protecting copyright and trademark rights can be a complicated process – one our attorneys navigate well. At Luvaas Cobb, we are experienced in all aspects of protecting our clients’ copyrights and trademarks, including litigation to prevent infringement and to recover damages.

Copyright: Copyright protects original creative works such as novels, paintings, music and computer software. Our attorneys are able to advise clients about how to protect their works and prevent/remedy liability for copyright infringement by third parties.

Trademark: Trademark protects marks such as names, symbols, logos or other phrases used to distinguish an associated product or service from other products or services. Not only do we assist clients in protecting their trademarks, but we provide assistance in taking the necessary action when a client’s trademark rights are infringed.