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Addressing matters and facing decisions or challenges related to aging or disability is often difficult. Our attorneys bring knowledge, expertise and compassion to the services we provide clients when assisting them in planning for the future.

Advance Directive (Living Will): Preparation of this critical document is necessary in order to assure that choices about your health care are communicated to your doctor. An advance directive can also prevent disputes among your family members about your care.

Estate and Trust Administration: Even with a well planned estate, a lot of work remains to be done after the death of a loved one, such as filing state and federal estate tax returns and transferring assets. We guide our clients through this sometimes difficult process.

Probate: Probate is a court-supervised process that includes collecting a deceased person’s assets, paying creditors and distributing the property to heirs. We can advise you whether probate is necessary and assist you in administering an estate.

Guardianships and Conservatorships: We assist with all aspects of this often complex process, including preparation of petitions to appoint a guardian or conservator, advising on the placement of protected persons in care facilities, defending or challenging the placement of a person in a facility, and related matters.

Living Trust: This powerful tool, when properly used and administered, allows you to retain the benefit of assets assigned to the trust, yet assures that your estate will not be subject to probate. We can help you decide whether a living trust is appropriate for your situation.

Power of Attorney: Even if you have a living trust, a power of attorney is important. A power of attorney appoints someone to represent you in dealing with the state and federal government, taking care of your business and financial affairs, and otherwise making decisions on your behalf.

Planning for Long-Term Care and Medicaid: No one likes to think they may need long-term care or public assistance. The cost of long-term care can quickly consume the wealth that you have built over a lifetime. We guide you through the Medicaid process and advise you on how to preserve as many of your assets as possible.

Elder Abuse: Elder abuse can take many forms, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological and emotional damage, or even financial abuse. The abuse may be at the hands of family members or employees of nursing homes, assisted living or rehabilitation facilities. Victims of such abuse often suffer in silence. We work with clients to advocate for their loved one’s care and safety.