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Family comes first and foremost for all of us. While this can include positive life events such as adoption and marriage, it may also include more difficult life changes such as divorce or child custody battles.


When dealing with domestic relations and family law matters, achieving a constructive environment for fair resolution of issues is important. It is our goal to help clients reach agreements in a non-adversarial way, using skillful negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods for the benefit of all concerned, and especially for the best interests of children.

We offer independent legal advice concerning a large number of family law issues. Because we do not represent more than one party, there is no confusion as to whether our advice has your best interests at heart. While we make every effort to avoid the expense and acrimony that may accompany a trial, we will not hesitate to vigorously pursue justice on a client’s behalf by litigating disputes in the courts.

Erin A. Fennerty brings compassion to the table in assisting her clients with the following matters:

Adoption: We represent parents looking to adopt, birth parents seeking the right home for their child, and step-parents, as well as other adoption situations.

Marriage: We assist clients in taking steps to ensure that family and individual assets are protected by drafting prenuptial agreements. We also assist our clients in navigating the details of a divorce, including real and personal property division, compensatory or transitional spousal support, retirement benefits division, liability division, custody and parenting time issues, and child support issues.

Administrative Matters/Modification Proceedings: Child support enforcement or modification issues initiated by the State, spousal support modification or termination and change of custody or parenting time, and representation regarding third-party (grandparent or step-parent) custody and visitation.

Family Abuse Restraining Orders: We assist clients on both sides of this issue – the establishment of a restraining order and the defense of one brought against a client.

Domestic Partnership and Other Same Sex Living Arrangements: Involving either implied or actual agreements regarding asset division and liability responsibility.

Paternity Matters: Our lawyers guide clients through the establishment or exclusion of paternity and related matters.